Benton Harbor, Michigan 1974

S: 12
D: 14
C: 16
I: 11
W: 8
CH: 7

Artist Statement
For the past twenty years my work has been rooted in an auto biographical approach to images that incorporate mythology and modern culture. My work involves a relationship to my past experiences as well as imagined future occurrences. In the past my work was created with a mix of pencil and pastel. Currently, my focus is on creating medium to large scale oil paintings which still have a foundation in the act of drawing.

My current body of work, ‘Nine Circles of Hell’, is a series of nine paintings that use the setting of Dante’s Inferno. Each painting represents a unique circle ( i.e. lust, gluttony, etc.) where I place myself or other people in my life. The work depicts scenes from Dante’s poem along with reasons that I or someone I know might be sent to a particular circle after death. In each painting I vary the technique and palette depending on the theme of the circle.